CSW 64th Session Postponed and shortened to one day event


Sharing here the info sent out by the UN earlier today on the status of CSW64, after the Briefing:

“Following the UN Secretary General’s recommendation to drastically scale back the upcoming session of the CSW due to 2019-nCoV concerns, the Commission debated alternative formats and dates and explored several possibilities for the 9-20 March session. The Commission decided to hold a short, one-day event on Monday, 9 March where delegations will adopt the draft political declaration and any other draft resolutions that will become available. The meeting will then be suspended, to be resumed at a later date to be determined, so the CSW64 can meet in its full schedule and capacity. No general debate will take place on 9 March and all side events will be cancelled.

NGO CSW announced during the event that they are cancelling the Forum and all related events.

The decision leaves us in a key moment to strategise on a number of issues, not least how to hold governments and the UN accountable to finding dates to hold the resumed CSW.

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